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Become an EPIC Agent

Elements Property Insurance Company (EPIC) is committed to establishing a network of experienced independent agents to represent our company. It is EPIC’s goal to provide the highest level of quality service to our current and future agents.  We are currently limiting the number of agencies who write with us direct (voluntary appointment) because we feel that the proper ratio of quality agency representation enables us to operate efficiently and provide superior and timely service to all our agents. 

As an alternative to a direct appointment, EPIC has partnered with FAIA, to offer the opportunity to write homeowner coverage with EPIC through the FAIA Member Services (FMS)/Independent Market Solutions program. This program connects carriers with agents and does not have the traditional volume requirements that a direct appointment has.  For more information on this program please visit the FAIA FMS page at  

If you are interested in a direct appointment with EPIC, please email us at