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Elements Property Insurance Company (EPIC) requires a 4 point inspection for insured homes that are over 30 years old. Underwriting findings could prompt a request for a 4 point inspection when a home 30 years old or less.

The purpose of the 4 point inspection is to provide the insurance company with valuable information on the four main systems and components of a home:

  • Roof — the condition of the roof as well as the approximate number of years of life remaining for the roof
  • Plumbing — the kind of piping (copper, plastic etc.) used, system update information, any leaks/issues and information about the hot water heater
  • Electrical System — the amperage of the main service, any dangerous wiring, update information, the maker of the electric panel, and if there is any aluminum wiring present
  • Heating and Air Conditioning — the date of installation, approximate life of the unit, and if the system if functioning correctly
  • At least two (2) photos of each of the four main systems and components should accompany the 4 point inspection completed and submitted.

The 4 point inspection submitted should be completed by a vendor acceptable to EPIC. Inspections completed by other inspectors and/or inspection companies that meet Florida licensing requirements can be submitted and will be reviewed for acceptability. Those inspections must meet EPIC 4 point inspection requirements.

A sample 4 point inspection has been provided, which you can download here. All inspections submitted should provide the information contained in the sample 4 point inspection. The inspection submitted should be dated within 3 years of the submission date.