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Elements Property Insurance Company (EPIC) requires various inspections for consumer homes that are presented for an opportunity to obtain home coverage. The inspection requirements are determined based on the specific features of each individual home.

Policy premium discount factors related to wind features would result in the requirement for a wind mitigation inspection. Home characteristics, such as age, could result in the requirement for a four point or roof inspection. Geographic location could result in the requirement for a sinkhole inspection. EPIC will explain when specific inspections are required based on the policy and home characteristics. Detailed inspection requirements will be provided within each inspection section.

Inspections submitted by the consumer and agent should be completed by a vendor acceptable to EPIC. We encourage the use of EPIC Preferred Vendor services as the completed inspections will meet EPIC requirements. Inspections submitted that have been performed by inspectors meeting Florida licensing requirements will be reviewed, but should meet EPIC inspection requirements to be acceptable.